1) What can happen in a second

I could lose confidence and find it all over again. I could lose an idea and create a new one just that quickly. I could whisper a book concept. Hear a note that reminds me of a song that I’ll sing all day. Panic about leaving the gas on. Flick my lover’s elbow. Spill a glass of milk. Sigh. Scratch my nose. Type one and only one word. Hang a shirt. Half-a-shirt. Sneeze. Light a candle. Light a house. Decide on the best of two movies for the night. Like a Facebook status. Walk by a comfy rug I’d like for my house but simply cannot afford. Press a brake. Fill up 1/222nd of my gas tank. If I drove a compact. Put Chapstick on for cold weather. Take a sock off. For the beach.

In a second, you could trip. You could make a face that says, “I don’t believe you and am judging you for it.” Drop a piece of shrimp on the ground. Put that shrimp back. Win the lottery. Suck your teeth because you more than likely didn’t win the lottery. Read the cover of a book. Crack your toes. Hate someone else for cracking their toes. Drop a bra in the wash. Clip a toenail. Be embarrassed. Laugh. Snort. Be embarrassed because you snorted while laughing. Take a screenshot. Take a deep breath. Pick a brand new cereal. Open a box. Open the door. Say “no”. React to a text message. Realize you haven’t eaten since…Hm. Shock yourself. Shock someone else. Be kind. Be mean. Answer a phone call. Send an email of resignation. Skip a paragraph. Find the date. Check the time. Pretend you’re Zeus throwing a lightning bolt. Or Harry Potter casting a spell. Open a door. Pull a package of frozen burgers from the freezer.

In a second, you could remember that one chick’s name. Identify thyme (your favorite!) in this dish that you’ve never tried. You could figure out whether or not he’s joking, if he means it. You could hold your breath, feeling the weight of an old friend who hates you now. You could realize that you have no idea.

In a second, you could hit someone else’s car, listing all of the bills you have to pay just to cover how much your premium will skyrocket once they hear about this.

A man could fall to his knees, meaning to propose to you, and you could think of wedding colors, a honeymoon spot, how many children and which schools and if there is enough toilet paper in the house to support the both of you, because you know you use more than you should. Or you could think “no”, and wonder just how many feelings you’ll break and how long it’ll take him to get over it and maybe you can go on after this as friends, or lovers, even. But definitely unmarried.

In a second, you could wake up to eleven (11) text messages from your sister, each terse, with text number five declaring that your father is dead.

In a second, you could make up your mind to wage war on the neighbors who play awful music no matter what time of day.

You could wish to undo a slice of cake from nine years ago. You could wonder about heaven and it would perhaps be easier to be there than wherever you are.

In a second, you could realize that you’re an adult. You own a house and no one can tell you to go to bed if you aren’t tired. Though still wish someone would.